Call to Action

CTA or “Call to Action” is a term widely used in marketing.  Without this, the words or images do nothing to move the business forward.  In the book “SHIFT”, Gary Keller uses the term “MOFIR” which means “Make Offer for Immediate Response”.

In parenting, we often make an “ask” of our kids and expect an IMMEDIATE response.  Apparently, I really expect this of Kelsey.

Listen to a recent breakfast conversation…

Me: I was reading in the Bible this morning how when Jesus asked the disciples (the people who would help him) to do something, they did it IMMEDIATELY.

Kelsey: (face gets super sad and looks down)

M: What is that face for?

K: I know why you told me that. Because when you ask me to do things I don’t always do them right away.

M: (clearly I’m further ahead in mastering “mom guilt” than I thought) Well, that’s not the reason I told you that.  It reminded me how when God asks me to do something or pray for someone I don’t always do it immediately.

K: (still looking very ashamed)

M: Kelsey, there’s nothing you could ever do to make me love you less.

K: Do you forgive me?

M: Of course I do!

She then gives me the tightest hug you could imagine.  Wow.  So many lessons here. Guilt. Shame.  Grace.  The Power of Forgiveness.  It’s amazing to me the guilt/shame my 6 yr old is already carrying.  I’m so thankful for a chance to help her release that.

In Mark 1:10-20, the word IMMEDIATELY is used four times.  First, there’s an anointing, then a trial, followed by the mission being activated, and then a calling that requires a response.

What does this tell us about our individual growth and the components of vision in leadership?

  • When God has called you, He will anoint you
  • Even with an anointing, you will encounter opposition
  • Create & Communicate a Clear, Compelling Vision
  • Individually, we can only so far
  • Look for those who are Actively working and know how to work with others
  • Speed is a Habit

What is your “CTA” and how can I pray for you to take action IMMEDIATELY?

In His Grace,



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