In Waiting

Having a pregnancy that turned to high risk and hospital bed rest, I learned many lessons on waiting. One of my favorite songs during that time and today is “I will wait for you” by Mumford & Sons. Today I was reminded I have much more to learn about waiting. Let’s start with what I learned throughout my pregnancy journey with Kyleigh and in the raw grief season after she went onto Heaven.

God showed me joy can be found in waiting. He reminded me in Psalms 37:25-26 that the righteous will not be forsaken nor their children beg for bread, in fact he lends generously and he will cause our children to become a blessing.

He reminded me if I (truly) hope for what I do not see to wait for it with patience. Rom 8:25

God taught me that he will send comfort through others and even in my distress He will use me as well.

“Scripture never calls us to stuff our feelings. We’re to call out to the living God. We’re to share our pain, our suffering, our disappointments, our distress. ” – Dr. Michael R. Emlet

David was an expert at calling out to the living God. As he waited patiently for the Lord, God delivered him AND gave him a new song (a heart transplant if you will). Psalm 40:1-3

Yes, being in waiting, sometimes looks like you’ve fallen. And because God has determined my steps, I can live abundantly in any circumstance. Psalm 37:23-24

One of the hardest lessons in waiting is how we may not fully understand what it means when Psalms 37:4 says he will give you the desires of your heart. Usually, in waiting, you’re waiting for something specific and it’s evident when it’s provided or that it won’t come to pass. So how do we wrestle this phrase “the desires of your heart”? Remember what comes before it. “Trust in the Lord, befriend faithfulness, delight in Him.” Psalm 37:3-4

I’m continuing to trust and find faithful the promises of God. Remembering he has shown himself worthy, faithful and true. In thanksgiving, I will make my requests known to Him and He will give me peace that passes all understanding. Phil 4:6-7

What are you learning “in waiting”?

In His Grace,

With Hope,


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